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   Jun 25

Golf Equipment – Putter

At any one time on any give hole the game of golf is won or lost because of a bad putting.  You know that feeling of a great putt as it hits off your club follows the line of the green, has that perfect speed and power.  Just watching it roll and roll until it drops into the cup.  We have all made those shots before it is those types of shots that make us keep coming back to the game!  Just think about how many strokes you could save by sinking that ball in one stroke.  Now my last post I said that Irons are the key to the game, and I still feel that way but if you cant putt your doomed from the drive.  Learning to read a green is by far one of the most difficult things to do in the game of golf.  But once that is mastered having the right putter as your golf equipment is a must.  A lot of people think that a putter is a putter.  And why spend the extra money on a good putter.  Well let me tell you something.  The extra money I spent on my putter, and the edge that good golf equipment can give you is well worth it.  Here is what is currently in my bag right now.  More putter reviews to come soon.

Product Details:
Brand: Taylor Made
Model: Rossa Monza Spider AGSI+
Grip: Taylor Made Winn Rossa Pistol
Shaft Material: Steel
Shaft: Taylor Made Single Bend
Flex: Putterflex
Lie Angle: Standard Lie

The Taylor Made Rossa Monza Spider putter features a steel wire-frame and lightweight aluminum core that positions more weight on the perimeter of the club for a higher MOI, creating more consistency on off-center hits. It also features MWT (Movable Weight Technology) with two movable weights to allow the player to customize the putter to personal preferences. Its AGSI+ Titanium face insert promotes more forward spin, which creates a smoother, more consistent roll.