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   Jun 17

Golf Equipment – Fairway Woods

Ok, so I will be the first to admit that I am not so good with my fairway woods.  I try and try and it just seems that not matter what I do, I can not seem to hit the ball uniform every time.  I spend many hours out on the driving range trying to get my skill up but it just does not seem to help.  So I went out and bought myself new golf equipment thinking that maybe it is not me and it is the club.  You know what I am talking about, it is always the club or the ball it is never the golfer!!!  Well the club did help, I get a few extra yards out of my hits but most of all they are straight well straighter.  I still feel that this part of my game is sub par and needs a lot of work.  But the R9 TP 3 Wood sure made a difference in my game.  So we are going to review the Taylor Made fairway wood with another brand that I tried out before I picked up the T9.

Product Details:
Brand: Taylor Made
Model: R9 TP 3 Wood
Grip: Taylor Made Velvet
Shaft Material: Graphite
Shaft: Fujikura Motore F1 85 TP
Flex: Stiff
Length: Standard
Loft: 15°

The Taylor Made R9 TP fairway wood allows the any player to launch his or her ball longer and straighter utilizing Flight Control Technology, which enables the face angle and lie angle to optimize flight and trajectory. Its new Classic head shape combines traditional and modern lines to create a confidence-inspiring, aesthetically pleasing look from address. It also features an advanced sole design that is more rounded and beveled to increase playability from most any lie. It has the same head design as the R9 fairway, but comes standard with an upgraded shaft.

Some of the best Golf Equipment hands down is made by Taylor.  Their knowledge of the sport, and years of manufacturing make them the top in golf equipment field.  One thing to keep in mind is that these clubs are not cheap.  But then again you really don’t want to buy your clubs from a retail store.  You really want to buy them online and save yourself as much as you can.  There is no reason in the world that you should have to pay $360.00 for this club.

Ok next time on Golf Equipment we work our way down to the irons and remember golf is the only game that you can not win.

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