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   Jun 25

Golf Equipment – Irons

Ahh the short game, you know the part of the game that will make or break you.  The part that will allow this hole to be par or less.  One bad shot with your irons and your done, game over, thanks for playing, come back tomorrow.  Well you get the idea.  Irons are huge part of anyone’s golf equipment.  Without them you are just going to be dead in the water.  Learning how to use your Irons though is not as easy as it sounds.  Knowing when to select that correct club, how much face to put on it, knowing what spin it needs.  How much power; the list goes on and on.  Anyone can drive a ball 300+ yards but skill in your Irons is really where the game is at!  So for review here is a look at the irons I use.  Now mind you that these are not top of the line, and they are somewhat older but I feel they are perfect for my game.  You should check some out.

Product Details:
Brand: Ping
Model:  EYE 2 3-PW
Grip: Kelmac Ruff Wrap
Shaft Material: Steel
Shaft: Ping ZZ Lite
Flex: Stiff
Lie Angle: Black Dot Standard

The Ping Eye 2 irons feature cavity backs perimeter weighting and SQUARE GROOVES This is one of the most popular and most sought after irons in golf.

The Ping eye2’s were revolutionary, to say the least. They were the equivalent of the first TaylorMade metal woods, IOW, so far removed from ‘conventional’ thinking that they shocked the world of golf. Like Mohammed Ali, they ‘shook up the world!’ They managed to be more forgiving for the low handicap player, yet they also allowed the high handicap player the ability to work the ball. They were really the best of both worlds.

Add to that the litigation between the USGA/PGA & Ping concerning the u-grooves vs. v-grooves, and you’ve got the stuff of legend.

They are the object of my golf-design lust, and have been for years.  They are the essence of what an iron should be. That’s why you see the latest Ping designs and they are all, ALL, merely tweaks (not necessarily any better) of the original Ping eye2 design. The ISI was the last Ping iron that wasn’t a tweaked eye2, and it has been followed by what, 5+ other offerings? Look at several makes of clubs, and they ALL owe their heritage to the 25 year old Ping eye2.