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   Jun 16

Golf Equipment – Drivers

So we are back; I thought long and hard about how I wanted to review golf equipment and what made the most sense.  I guess starting at the top with drivers and working our way down would be the best way to proceed.  I am going to start with the driver I use and compare them to other drivers on the market, pros and cons, what to look out for, and best of all the deals!  Because we all know the real reason your even reading this is because of the deal we have.

So let us start with the golf equipment I use; the Taylor Made R9 TP Driver.
Product Details:
Brand: Taylor Made
Model: R9 TP
Grip: Taylor Made Velvet
Shaft Material: Graphite
Shaft: Fujikura Motore F1 65g
Flex: Stiff
Length: Standard
Loft: 9.5°

The Taylor Made R9 driver is virtually twenty-four drivers in one that features Flight Control Technology and Movable Weight Technology to create maximum flight control and up to seventy-five yards of side-to-side adjustability. With Flight Control Technology, the player may adjust the face angle, the lie angle and effective loft by simple shaft/head adjustments with eight different club head positions to choose from. The Movable Weight Technology allows the player to change the center of gravity location to promote more accuracy and premium trajectories. It also features Taylor Made’s Inverted Cone Technology which promotes faster ball speeds across the entire face for faster ball speeds and more distance. Its New Classic head shape combines classic and modern lines to create an aesthetically pleasing look from address. The TP model is the same head as the R9, but with upgraded shaft options.

I love this club not only does it look sexy and feel really good in your hands but when you connect with that ball and it gives you that oh so good sounding hit you know you are going to have some distance!  The draw back to this club is it retails for about $499.99.  Now I did not pay that much for it thanks to the power of the internet but it is an investment well worth the money.  Plus any bag will look that much better with one of these clubs in it.  Just imagine rolling up to the first tee in your cart with all your buddies waiting on you getting out and grabbing the Taylor Made R9 TP driver out of your bag.  That alone will distract them and save you a stroke or two.  Nothing says pro golfer more than a top end set of clubs.