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   Jun 16

Gold Equipment – Balls

So a lot of people say that golf balls are golf balls and why spend the money on the good brand. Well I am here to tell you that not all golf balls are made the same. Your top end balls can shave many a stroke off your game. Not all golf balls are created the same some balls are meant for hot days and others for rain or cold. In a nut shell I can’t recommend any one ball for any one person. You will need to try them all to find out what best works for you.

What Makes A Modern Golf Balls

The two-piece modern ball is formed by surrounding a spherical molded core made of rubber or synthetic rubber with a hard covering. The core is then placed in an injection mold. Hot plastic, either surlyn or urethane, is injected and forms a hard, dimpled coating around the core. The ball is painted, stamped with a logo, given a glossy coat and dried. Three-piece balls have a core center, a rubber covering of the core and a final coating. The rubber covering may be rubber string wrapped around the core. Four-piece balls have another covering over the first covering around the core that’s not as hard as the final coating but not as soft as the rubber covering the core. The manufacturing process varies a bit in the exact composition and materials used, based on different manufacturers and whether the ball is made for distance or control.